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 I thought I would let you know a little about me.  I have been shooting pictures nearly my whole life.  While in 3rd grade I saw a Hawkeye Instamatic from Kodak for sale on back of a cereal box and asked my parents if I could order it.  I had my own job then selling TV Guides door to door on our small town.  So I ordered it and I was hooked!  It took the old cube flashes on top  and 110 film lol.  So I became the one always taking pictures of the family and other things. 

I became involved in shooting local bodybuilding contests in Tulsa, OK years ago because I was a gym rat at the time and many friends were competing.  Things just went from there.  That was about 30 years ago and I have been doing it since with a little time off during that time.

I am published in fitness and powerlifting print magazines/books regularly.  Among them are the now gone Planet Muscle, Ironman, on the photo staff of Cultura Fisica in Italy, Iron Pinoy in the Philippines, POWER magazine, and the now discontinued Powerlifting USA.  I have some of the published photos in my Published gallery on the homepage.  You will also see my photos in many books. Check out the new book All About Powerlifting by Tim Henrique. The cover shot is one of my photos as well as many photos throughout the book. Great book!

I also work from time to time with Hardcore Powerlifting and HDPhysiques.com.

I travel widely each year shooting contests in several states and doing personal photo shoots.  If you want to book a shoot with a known published photographer you can!  You do not have to be in any contest.  Take a look around here and if you would like to book a shoot simply contact me by email at the top of the page.  I also have a question and answer page linked on top of my homepage that will answer a lot of your questions about photo shoots.  

NOTE:  I do NOT shoot just fitness.  I have done MANY lingerie shoots, Sr photos, head shots and many other things including commercial work for restaurants and hotels.  

 If there is something you would like to have photographed but don't see here, contact me! 

Let's shoot!  


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