So you want to order actual prints to hang in your home, office, or gym!!  This page is where I have information on that!  The pricing here is for normal type prints which are done for me by a professional lab and drop shipped directly to you!  They are done with archival ink and professional paper.  There are many options if you are interested in something more customized, such as metal prints, albums, calendars, floating wraps, canvas, posters, etc.  Simply email me at the top of the page with questions.  

If you want to order prints of any size I need the original file number and what you want.  I will then send you an email invoice that can be paid on and the order will be prepared for you and sent!  

Wallets (8)  $12

4x6 - $2.45

5x7 - $9.95

8x10 - $22

9x12 - $24

11x14 - $35 (very popular and a nice size)

12x24 - $60

16x20 - $110 (another nice size)

20x24 - $145

20x30 - $195 (poster size)

High Resolution Images

Some like to get the high resolution images to use for print or to get prints made themselves.  Of course I'd rather you order from me but that's ok!  :)   If you'd rather have these they are $25.  

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