I get asked a lot of questions about what a photo shoot includes, location, etc. So I will answer some of those questions here and if you have others email me at the top of the page.  Some of these also apply to contest photos. Thanks for looking here!

Booking: A photo shoot is not booked until at least a deposit has been made. Only then will I set the date for a shoot. Talking about dates, times, location, etc. only answers questions,  that does not book your shoot. Deposits are nonrefundable. I will reschedule a shoot if needed. If you pay in full when booking I include an 11x14 custom print of your choice from the shoot! 

1. The most popular question about a shoot is location. Everyone asks, Where will we shoot? This is the easiest part of a location shoot for me. I can shoot almost anywhere. During contest weekends I shoot around the venue or locations close by. If I have not been to your town or city then I have no idea! Ideas need to come from you for that :) I have done a shoot on the loading dock of a downtown restaurant and one of those photos was published on a magazine cover. Unless the photo includes a lot of the area around it usually one cannot tell where it was taken. So there you are. The other questions are much more important. :)

2. When do I shoot during contest weekends? Never on Saturday. The day is too busy and I never know when judging will be over. That afternoon is used to eat, rest, and look at the morning photos to see if I need to change anything for the night show. I can usually do a shoot on Friday, Thursday depending when I get to town, and mostly on Sunday. 

3. You will get all the images from our shoot that are good, loaded into a private gallery here on my website  for you to download.  I will usually upload them for you as I get through them so you don't have to wait until they are all done. You can then share them as you like! These are web resolution, not suitable for print, with my watermark/logo on them.  Additional high resolution images are available to purchase if you want to have prints made or you can order prints through me! I use a pro lab and prints are done on archival paper with high quality ink.

4. How long is a shoot? Normally about 1-1 ½ hours. Longer if you are coming to Tulsa to shoot as many do.

5. How many outfits? Whatever we can get into our shoot time. Bikinis, casual, business, lingerie, whatever you need for your shoot. Guys: shorts, jeans, dress clothes, suits, etc. Props are sometimes used, caps, hats, sunglasses, whatever you are comfy using! 

6. How many images? I do not keep track of how many I am shooting. Quality is more important than quantity! 

7. Please do not crop photos. :) 

8. You can use photos for all personal promotion that you need! Magazine submissions need to be high resolution for print and the editor should contact me for publishing usage.

9. Makeup tips: eye liner on top and bottom for girls, makeup on a little heavier than normal. GOOD lipstick! Use GOOD makeup as it makes both our jobs easier and makes you look better! Have your hair done well. Guys, just be guys! A little stubble is good if you want that look.

10. A good night's sleep before a shoot is needed. Don't go out and party all night and have a hangover the next day.

11. MAKEUP. This is ESSENTIAL. A model friend has been using this and I highly recommend it. It WORKS! Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse & Revlon Photoready Liquid. The best makeup currently is MAC Cosmetics products. Get the Studio Face and Body. Don't use makeup with  SPF.  Always have your makeup done. 

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